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31 December 2020
Prehistoric rock paintings in Colombia and the importance of sculpting
In 2017, in the rain forest covering the Serrania de la Lindos mountain range in Columbia archeologists encountered tens of…
8 August 2018
Venezuelans with right of residence in Colombia
Legal situation of more than 432,000 Venezuelans in will soon be regulated. Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, has signed…
16 July 2018
Amazon jungle under threat
Illegal logging has already destroyed 17% of the Amazon rainforest in . Researchers believe that if deforestation is not stopped,…
27 June 2018
Iván Duque is the new President of Colombia
Iván Duque became the youngest president in . Last Sunday, he defeated Gustavo Petro in Colombia’s presidential election. The new…
13 June 2018
Escobar’s associate, “Popeye” detained
Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez ‘Popeye’, the head of a group of Medellín cartel killers, was arrested by the Colombian police…
17 March 2018
FARC loses the elections in Colombia
The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, which consists of former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army…

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