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Navigating through climate crisis.

We live in a world that faces the consequences of continuous changes that started with the industrial revolution, over 250 years ago. However, we believe that we are not defenceless as climate change accelerates. Governments, companies, communities, and people have the power to act now. We seek solutions worldwide and learn from the people who have to adapt and know how to do it. The age of coal is coming to an end, and we are here to help enter the next one.

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This fall, our documentary about the end of coal mining will have its premiere. It is the first part of our climate initiative – POWER. We will show the end of hard coal mining, not only in Poland. We will visit several countries on several continents. We will go deep underground; we will stay firmly on the ground, and keep a watchful eye from the air – to show both those countries that have already finished coal exploitation, as well as those that are in the process of quitting coal and those which will have to face it in future.

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