Marta Bloch

Senior Event Manager
Marta Bloch

Marta has been associated with the event industry for over 20 years. She started her adventure by organizing alternative music events in the early 2000s, and she has been continuing doing that in various artistic formulas until now.

Over the years of working at festivals such as Opener, Audioriver and for agencies Walk and Jung Von Matt, she has gained creative and production experience. She has worked both for the agency and the client on ATL and BTL projects.

She is a specialist in the comprehensive service of event projects, creative concepts and directing events. She has carried out, among others, large mass and gala events, including TV events, conference and training events, as well as integration and motivational training.

Zobacz z bliska, jak wygląda jedna z najbardziej uregulowanych przez człowieka rzek w Europie.

An estimated 1,400 girls are not born every year in Armenia due to a rooted preference for male children. The son-bias combined with a lower birth rate, has led to an alarming number of sex-selective abortions. Community activities, various laws and television shows are addressing the issue - with positive results. But is the actual problem being tackled?