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21 December 2020
Communality: a response to deforestation?
29 October 2018
Even Bill Gates uses Duolingo to learn languages
Duolingo has got a lot of heat lately overseas. The online platform has been offering free language learning around the…
29 October 2018
The caravan of refugees crosses Mexico
– The members of the immigrants’ caravan are not gang members or terrorists, like Donald Trump, the President of the…
18 October 2018
A synthetic chocolate
The Maya peoples were the first to process cacao beans. They were making a bitter drink for the rich ones…
8 October 2018
A chance to save coral reefs
During 2017’s World Ocean Conference in New York, the scientists agreed that up to 90% of coral reefs may be…
19 September 2018
Cactus gas – an alternative to petrol?
I meet Miguel Avé and Rogelio Sosa López in the headquarters of a La Nopalimex company. It is located on…
10 September 2018
Poles and the Mexican ad industry
Mexico is the largest advertising market in Latin America. Models from all over the world come there in search of…
3 September 2018
Photography is about light and timing
, nephew, is a well-known Mexican portraitist. “When I take a picture, I try to reflect someone’s personality, find the…
1 August 2018
Mexicans discriminate the poorer
70% of Mexico’s population have been discriminated against. According to the National Council for Preventing Discrimination, this problem most often…
23 July 2018
The largest aquarium in the world
The Sea of Cortéz formed about 5 million years ago and it is one of the most diverse seas on…
9 July 2018
Mexicans voted in favour of a transformation
For the first time in Mexico’s history, a left-wing candidate was elected president. The 64-year-old got 53% of the 29…
2 July 2018
Mexico is going wild
Wednesday, 9 am. The streets are usually empty at this time of the day. You can hear children shouting at…

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