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North America

28 September 2021
Junkyard of the West
Every year millions of second-hand cars are exported from the USA, the EU, and Japan to West Africa and non-OECD…
21 December 2020
Communality: a response to deforestation?
19 December 2020
Speculating with water and the Taliban revenues
Water is now available as a trade commodity on Wall Street, just like gold or oil. The new contracts will…
17 December 2020
Aging reversed
Researchers from the Harvard Medical School restored vision in old mice by reversing their biological clock. They focused on the…
17 December 2020
Getting rid of the Nazi letters and the swear words ranking
Names of many climbing routes are offensive, according to 91% of respondents who took part in a poll made by…
17 December 2020
Vulnerability to digital marketing and the fashion industry in trouble
People with mental health issues are twice as likely to fall to digital marketing tricks than usual customers – warns…
17 December 2020
The economic and military grwoth of China
It will take China only fifteen years before it develops capabilities to fight extended foreign wars. A report to the…
7 December 2020
The computer faster than the laws of physics
The creators of the Cerebras CS-1 claim that their 1.2 trillion transistors computer chip can run simulations faster than the…
7 December 2020
Natives fighting for nature
The Swinomish tribe from Washington, U.S., came up with a strategy to cope with the effect of climate change and…
28 November 2020
How AI will affect workforce and money making
AI-trained robots work in real estate brokerage in the U.S. They may offer virtual reality tours or answer buyer’s questions…
26 November 2020
Games that reduce stress and the game for prescription
Scientists from the Oxford Internet Institute found that those who play video games for longer periods report being happier. “If…
13 November 2020
World’s highest minimum wage and the unprecedented taxation in Oman
The canton of Geneva in Switzerland introduced the world’s highest minimum wage. It now stands at around 25 USD per…

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