The situation of women in the technology industry and the revolt of Spanish female footballers

According to a study carried out by experts from the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute and Georg August University in Göttingen, only 11% of German farms are managed by women. They make up barely a fifth of those who are expected to inherit or otherwise take over a farm. The survey indicates an imbalance between the responsibilities of female farmers on farms and the legal reflection of their situation and financial security. At the same time, 83% of the women surveyed work on the family farm and almost three quarters of them also engage in the strategy of the enterprise.

According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, there is still a shortage of women in technology companies – including his own. In 2021, 35% of Apple Inc’s staff will be female employees. The company has launched a development programme in the UK for female founders of business initiatives and app developers. Deloitte Global estimates that in 2022, women will average nearly 33% of the staff at large global technology companies. 15 Spanish national team female players have resigned from the national team in protest at coach Jorge Vilda’s methods. The players have informed the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that they will leave if Vilda is not dismissed because playing for his team “significantly affects their emotional state” and health. The RFEF rejected the footballers’ demand, explaining that dismissing the coach and coaching staff is not within their competence.

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