Arctic Archipelago through the eyes of Inuits

Canadian cruise line employs Inuits for its trips to the Arctic Archipelago to encourage visitors to be respectful and responsible and create a connection between them and the locals. Dubbed the “floating university”, an Adventure Canada ship offers guests the chance to see local cultures and the environment through the eyes of people coming from them. While visiting the indigenous communities, the travel operator organizes sports activities between the guests and local communities and offers the latter the  opportunity to take a tour of the ship as well. The population of indigenous people in the High Arctic is about 60 000.

Spanish authorities warned sailors off the coast of Galicia to keep the distance from orcas appearing in the region after encounters of whales with two vessels that left one of them damaged. According to marine mammals experts, such interactions are unprecedented in the region and highly unusual in general. Killer whales are often seen there in September as they move from the Gulf of Cádiz to Bay of Biscay, following tunas.

Four hundred and eighty-four minke whales have already been killed this year in Norway. The number surpasses last year’s total catch and marks a reversal of a trend of decline in the domestic demand for whale meat. It comes together with the relaxation of requirements for the participation in whaling introduced in 2020. Activists warn that it could endanger the welfare of the animals and criticized the policies of Norway – one of the three countries that still allow commercial whaling.

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