Mystery diseases: superbug, “whisky fungus” and herbicides

Construction of a warehouse owned by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey will be halted in Tennessee. According to local residents, a “whisky fungus”, i.e. Baudoinia compniacensis, formed from evaporating alcohol fumes, is spreading around the buildings. This fungus grows on surfaces near bakeries and distilleries around the world. Locals are calling on the company to install air filters to combat the problem.

According to US experts,  the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa heralds the arrival of an era in which antibiotics no longer work, and harmless infections spiral out of control. The bacterium has a rare gene that protects it from almost all commonly used antibiotics. At least 58 Americans in 13 states have been infected due to the use of eye drops contaminated with it called “EzriCare”, available over-the-counter in the US and manufactured in India by Global Pharma Healthcare. At least one person has died, and at least five have suffered permanent vision loss.

In recent years, dozens of people in the Canadian province of New Brunswick have developed a number of worrying symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases. Local neurologist, Alier Marrero, has asked the Canadian government to conduct environmental tests that he believes will show the presence of glyphosate and other herbicides that can harm the human brain. In New Brunswick, forestry companies often use glyphosate to reduce vegetation growth.

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