Women in the labour market and remote work and the four-day working week

In December 2022, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employed the most women among the 500 most profitable Indian companies (over 210,000 employees). However, the company’s resignation from remote work may have caused more women than men to leave TCS. Meanwhile, according to American experts, office occupancy with companies and employees will never return to the pre-2020 level, which causes a crisis in the American real estate market. The owners of office buildings cannot maintain their real estate and pay off mortgages, and large corporations such as Amazon or Google are suspending construction investment plans.

A four-day workweek can improve gender parity. Last year 33 companies from six countries participated in a six-month trial period of a four-day workweek. According to the 4 Day Week Global survey, men spent more time on childcare and housework (22% and 23%, respectively), while women spent less time on these duties. In addition, employees reported less burnout, higher life and work satisfaction, better work-life balance, and better mental and emotional well-being.

Samsung Group will allow full-time and non-factory workers in South Korea to take one Friday off each month. You must work at least 160 hours monthly to qualify for the new Samsung policy. Competing chip maker SK hynix offers people a free Friday once a month as long as they work more than 40 hours on average weekly.

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