Environmentally friendly cement and zero-emission cities

In a pioneering experiment, Heirloom Carbon Technologies and CarbonCure Technologies managed to pump 37kg of carbon dioxide into a freshly poured concrete batch. The workers injected CO₂ into the recycled water used to make this composite. The experiment aimed to develop technology to store carbon dioxide extracted from the air in concrete to reduce the carbon footprint produced by the cement industry.

Sublime Systems start-up is attempting to replace the heat needed in the cement production process, generally generated by burning fossil fuels, with electricity. If the electricity comes from renewable sources, the Boston-based company can reduce emissions by 70% while manufacturing the material. The cement industry is responsible for approx. 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

ClimateOS is an integrated platform developed by Stockholm-based start-up ClimateView that helps cities plan and manage the transition to zero carbon. Currently, this online tool is used by more than 50 cities in eight countries, including Helsingborg, Malmö, Madrid, Kiel, Mannheim, Cincinnati, Bristol and Nottingham. The platform can, for example, estimate the environmental effects and economic costs of installing heat pumps in buildings and choosing walking or cycling instead of cars during parts of urban travel.

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