Domestic violence in Cambodia and inequality in South Korea

One in five women in Cambodia reports domestic violence. A group has formed in Bătdâmbâng that uses theatre to help victims talk about what is still a taboo subject. “I have told you many times. Don’t follow me, and don’t ask me to come home when I’ve been drinking,” shouted the actor. – I’ll kill you!” It was a scene that reflected one woman’s experience of years of physical and emotional abuse by her husband. Nov Sreyleap, the co-founder of the non-profit organisation Lakhon Komnit and the originator, says that she herself, influenced by her family’s violent history, shut down emotionally until she started acting as an actress. She wants women to use theatre to “think for themselves” and “open up to themselves”.

On average, women in South Korea earn one-third less than men, the most significant pay gap in any wealthy country in the world. Newly elected President Yoon Suk-yeol, meanwhile, said that structural sexism “is a thing of the past”. However, he has appointed only three women to his 19-member cabinet. He is now trying to abolish the government’s Ministry of Gender Equality, which supports women and victims of sexual assault, as he claims it is outdated. More than 800 organisations are protesting against the decision, arguing that it could harm women’s lives.

The post Domestic violence campaign targeting young men aged 18-25 appeared first on Tinder.  Its aim is to stop domestic violence before it starts. The new campaign identifies abusive relationship behaviours that can foreshadow future problems, such as checking phones or humiliation.

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