Brazil holdin climate “hostage” and the implementation of the Paris Agreement

Not a single country met its Paris Agreement goals five years after it was adopted, according to 100 experts who assessed 58 countries for the Climate Change Performance Index. The three top places were left blank, and the highest-ranked countries are Sweden, the U.K., and Denmark with the whole EU classified as “high” in terms of their contribution to meet the goals. The last one on the list is the United States, preceded by Saudi Arabia and Iran. Germany, formerly ranked even in the top, is now at the 19th position and China 33rd. If the current policies remain unchanged by 2100, the global temperature will rise between 2,1 and 3,9 degrees Celsius.

The new Brazilian climate target means that the authorities are using climate as a “hostage” to get money from more affluent countries. The government in Brazil decided that the country’s climate goals will remain almost unchanged since 2015 and even for that to be possible if the country receives indefinite funding of 10 billion dollars yearly from the richer countries. That condition is especially challenging to meet since the country lacks transparency and a credible plan suggesting that once it receives the money, it will be able to spend it properly. The administration of president Jair Bolsonaro is known for fighting the environmental regulations and allowing deforestation in the country to surge.

The Global Assembly project aims to create a citizen’s version of the official COP 26 conference in Glasgow. People from all over the world will discuss the policies proposed in response to the climate crisis at the UN meeting. Although it will hold no real power, organizers hope it will influence the politicians with its moral authority.

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