Connecting journalism values with technology. Lviv Media Forum 2017.

30 May 2017

Last week Magda Chodownik and Piotr Andrusieczko attended 5th edition of Lviv Media Forum held in the capital of Western Ukraine. As part of our mission is to share with other journalists and reporters what we learn and how we work, we were very happy to receive the invitation to speak at the event.

Both Magda and Piotr are experienced reporters and have distinct background but they look at the work from different angles. Our idea was to show how are we combining values, experience with new technologies and journalistic forms.

In Outriders’ presentation, which took place on the Day 2, we showcased the ideas behind forming Outriders team and values we embed into our work. We also took the audience through what we have done so far (dispatches, Lunik IX and #DeepBreath projects) explaining how they are merged with the technology, Internet possibilities and ethics.

Lviv Media Forum held last week of May annually is one of the biggest journalism gatherings in Europe. It attracts over 800 people from many countries and brings them for 3 days to the beautiful city of Lviv. While walking in the old town, you can spot banners of the conference making you feel that citizens are very aware of what is happening. Events are spread in many big and small venues across town making you enjoy it even more. A big part of the attending guests come from Ukraine which is a very vibrant media community these days – experimenting a lot and coming up with new ideas which are very interesting to learn from.

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