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The Crimean Bridge

Crimean Bridge is a Russian project on the verge of implementation. It is a bridge that connected Crimea (annexed in 2014) with Russia. Ukraine and western countries do not recognise it. This bridge not only connects but also divides.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder

New Caledonia

“(In)dependence” is an interactive story about New Caledonia, its inhabitants and their pursuit for independence, about their life and customs.
Karolina Kania, Mikołaj Góralik


Opowieść pokazująca Ukrainę od Zachodu po Wschód. Od Użgorodu, przez Karpaty, Lwów, Kijów, Sumy czy Charków aż po Łysyczańsk. Pociąg numer 045Л pokonuje tę trasę w ponad 32 godziny a z okien podziwiamy zmieniający się krajobraz i historie z Ukrainy.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder, Jakub Górnicki

The Line

The Line is an interactive report about forgotten by some and lasting four years war in Ukraine, about the fate of people which suddenly had to face the reality of war.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder

The Luggage

"The Luggage" is a feature telling about cities and countries which, facing huge tourist traffic, have decided to take steps to limit and regulate the inflow of visitors. We present the ways of dealing with the negative impact of tourism on the lives of inhabitants in an interactive reportage which was made according to the principles of solution journalism.
Rafał Hetman

The Gorani

The Gorani, Slavic Muslims. They are an ethnic minority living in the frontier between Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia - a kind of triangle in the Gora region in the Šar Mountains. They maintain their traditions, language and rituals. And they do not plan to conquer the world.
Jakub Górnicki, Agnieszka Wanat

Clean water

About 700 million people in 43 countries suffer from water scarcity today. Even big modern cities such as Barcelona and London have problems with water supply. This story is about places where the struggle for access to clean water is the cause of social unrest and an element of international conflicts.
Rafał Hetman


The Civil War in Somalia continues. Throughout the years only the nature of the terror has changed. The scale, however, remains similar. Somalis keep running away from the violence, fighting hunger and their entire existence is about simply trying to survive yet another day.
Marcin Suder


The Iraqi army’s recent battle of Mosul was supposed to bring one result: free the city from the merciless grip of Daesh, whose caliphate had introduced fear and cruelty.

Marcin Suder


The number of asylum seekers and migrants deciding to set off for Europe has drastically declined. Two years ago, 1,049,400 people reached the European Union. In 2016, it lowered to 374,318. How does the way of asylum seekers look like today?
Jakub Górnicki

Balkan route

According to official sources, 220,000 migrants reached Europe in October 2015. The majority of them used the Balkan Route to go deep into the continent. Sometimes It was faster to illegally get from Greece to Austria or Germany than do it legally.
Jakub Górnicki

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