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Outriders have created a section of Interactive Journalism that combine the foundations of traditional reporting with visually compelling designs. We are a team of journalists, photojournalists, illustrators, designers and developers who work together on each story. A cross-border newsroom with reporters based in different geographical areas covers global issues having a local impact and a post-production team use innovative tools to contextualize them and make them digestible to our audience. Our projects include personal diaries, comics, podcasts, 360 panoramic pictures, illustrations, maps, infographics and drone footage. In the era of click-bait, we go for slow journalism and long-term projects with a unique look to the East and South. We write about challenges, but we prefer to do it through solutions. In short, we use technology not to decorate articles but to explain complex facts.

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Biopirates of the Indian Ocean

Rich in diversity and small in size, Sri Lanka lacks mechanisms to protect its natural treasures. The practice of using and commercially exploiting the biological resources and indigenous knowledge of a country without permission or compensation is known as “biopiracy”. That is, making money with poor people’s knowledge.

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Vaccines & fake news

Even though it is a vaccine-preventable disease, measles kills over 100,000 people every year. Worldwide cases tripled in the first three months of 2019. Ten states accounted for approximately three-quarters of the total increase of measles in 2018: Ukraine, Philippines, Brazil, Yemen, Venezuela, Serbia, Madagascar, Sudan, Thailand and France.

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The Iraqi army’s recent battle of Mosul was supposed to bring one result: free the city from the merciless grip of Daesh, whose caliphate had introduced fear and cruelty.

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Over 32 hours of travelling, 43 train stations, 5 hours of stops and 1683 km of length. It is a railway road from Uzhhorod to Lysychansk, the longest in Ukraine. It is covered by a train travelling from the West to the East of the country.

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The Line

The Line is an interactive report about forgotten by some and lasting four years war in Ukraine, about the fate of people which suddenly had to face the reality of war.

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Poor Dumps for Rich Rubbish

During decades, wealthy nations sold their plastic waste to developing countries because it was cheaper and easier than processing it at home. China has historically been the world’s biggest importer of plastic waste. In 2017, Beijing announced that it would reduce imports of waste after 25 years importing millions of tons of plastic and it forced a global recycling reckoning. In the new scenario, Turkey has become one of the new dumpsites for the world’s plastic waste, according to Greenpeace.

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The Civil War in Somalia continues. Throughout the years only the nature of the terror has changed. The scale, however, remains similar. Somalis keep running away from the violence, fighting hunger and their entire existence is about simply trying to survive yet another day.

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Medical hostages

Thousands of people are trapped in hospitals around the world for not paying their medical bills. Most of the victims are women who had emergency C-sections. They are detained in hospital alongside their babies until their families can pay the fees. This practice occurs in over 30 countries, and one of them is Zimbabwe. Outriders have travelled to several hospitals in Zimbabwe to meet the victims of hospital detentions.

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Behind the Fires

NASA satellites registered a record in the size and number of fires in Brazilian Amazon in 2019. Behind the fires, there is a bigger and more silence problem – deforestation. In the middle of the forest, the Uru-eu-wau-wau, an indigenous group, is struggling to survive and is trying to protect the forest.

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