How to start a journalism project. Press Club Belarus.

10 June 2017

Press Club Belarus based in Minsk is an NGO but also a physical space devoted to journalists. Started by a group of prominent Belarusian journalists organizes events, trainings, school for young media makers – basically tries to make the scene vibrant. Especially that the political environment is still very hostile towards independent and free media.

One of Jakub’s first reporting projects took place in Belarus. And while he was working for European Youth Press he helped local NGOs with training and connecting them to the European network. Many things have changed in those 9 years which separated those trips. But we were very happy to accept the invitation to make a presentation/workshop for the crowd at Press Club.

The idea was to show what is the philosophy behind Outriders. How are we approaching our development and thus show more generic how one can start his own journalism project and initiative. We combined this with stories we have so far released and previous experiences which led to establishing of our current endeavour.

The same day also awards for press photography were given – and it was really interesting to see the best projects and the photo community of Belarus. Really impressed.

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