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South America

All our reports, articles and notes covering this part of the world.

9 July 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Mexicans voted in favour of a transformation

For the first time in Mexico’s history, a left-wing candidate was elected president. The 64-year-old got 53% of the 29 million votes cast. At the same time, his coalition “We will create history together” won a majority in Congress. The new parity government will be composed of eight women and eight men. “It will be […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
2 July 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Mexico is going wild

Wednesday, 9 am. The streets are usually empty at this time of the day. You can hear children shouting at a school nearby – Mé-xi-co! Me-xi-co! Workers have left their machines at the construction, and now they stand in front of the restaurant, where they can watch the football match between Mexico and Sweden. Pharmacists […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
27 June 2018
Colombia, South America

Iván Duque is the new President of Colombia

Iván Duque became the youngest president in . Last Sunday, he defeated Gustavo Petro in Colombia’s presidential election. The new leader of the country is a 41 year-old lawyer who had previously been mentored by Álvaro Uribe.
Honorata Zapaśnik
21 June 2018
Nicaragua, South America

Protests in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguans have been protesting for 58 days against the President of , Daniel Ortega. 139 people have already died in the aftermath of clashes with security services. Ortega, however, refuses to step down and does not agree to hold early elections.
Honorata Zapaśnik
13 June 2018
Colombia, North America, South America

Escobar’s associate, “Popeye” detained

Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez ‘Popeye’, the head of a group of Medellín cartel killers, was arrested by the Colombian police on charges of plotting and extortion. The United States admitted that it has helped with running the investigation on him.
Honorata Zapaśnik
8 June 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Diego Rivera: Art without politics does not make sense

In many countries, Diego Rivera is known as the husband of the famous Mexican painter . The couple was described as “The Elephant and the Dove”. However, the truth is she was living in his shadow, a famous muralist whose works can be admire both at the National Palace in Mexico City and at the […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
26 May 2018
South America, Venezuela

A fraud during elections in Venezuela

has once again become the President of Venezuela but there have been accusations that the election had been rigged. Smartmatic, a company which counted votes, admitted that the data had been manipulated. According to official information, only 46% of the citizens entitled to vote took part in the elections.
Honorata Zapaśnik
22 May 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

A Pole and a German murdered in Mexico

According to the Mexican prosecutor’s office, travellers Krzysztof Chmielewski from Poland and Holger Franz Hagenbusch from Germany were murdered. Their bodies were found in the State of Chiapas, Mexico. Earlier, the Mexican authorities claimed that the men died in an accident. – We think that somebody tried to rob them – said Luis Alberto Sánchez, […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
15 May 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Meat in a virtual desert

Meat and Sand (Carne y Arena in Spanish) is a 7-minute-long virtual movie by , the Oscar-winning director of Birdman. His vision allows the viewers to step into the role of an illegal immigrant.
Honorata Zapaśnik
7 May 2018
Cuba, North America, South America

Who is the new Cuban leader?

Miguel Díaz-Canel, the former vice-president of has replaced as the country’s president. After six decades of the Castro family in power, the newly appointed leader is now a person born after . “He is not a mystery nor an improvisor”, said Raúl Casto about his successor.
Honorata Zapaśnik