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South America

All our reports, articles and notes covering this part of the world.

31 December 2020

Prehistoric rock paintings in Colombia and the importance of sculpting

In 2017, in the rain forest covering the Serrania de la Lindos mountain range in Columbia archeologists encountered tens of thousands of prehistoric rock paintings – a fact previously held secret. Most probably, the paintings are at least 12 500 years old, and they span almost 12 kilometers of the cliff face. Among the art […]
19 December 2020
Brazil, United Kingdom

Brazil holdin climate “hostage” and the implementation of the Paris Agreement

Not a single country met its Paris Agreement goals five years after it was adopted, according to 100 experts who assessed 58 countries for the Climate Change Performance Index. The three top places were left blank, and the highest-ranked countries are Sweden, the U.K., and Denmark with the whole EU classified as “high” in terms […]
6 November 2020
China, Greece, Philippines, Turkey, Venezuela

Turkey vs Greece dispute and alleged terrorism in Venezuela

Turkish authorities stated that they would extend seismic exploration in the disputed area of the Eastern Mediterranean until November 4th. Greece called it an “illegal move” that is breaking international law. Three Turkish ships are prospecting for mineral resources (gas and oil) south of the Greek Rhodes island. As a counter to Turkish actions, the […]
16 October 2020
Brazil, Honduras, Saudi Arabia

Natives’ land in danger

New Saudi hi-tech megacity NEOM, a project of 500 bln USD, puts in danger the existence of the Huwaitat, one of the oldest tribes in Saudi Arabia. The authorities allegedly arrested, harassed, hounded, and even killed members of the tribe who refused to sell their land and oppose the plan. The government continues to evict […]
9 October 2020
Egypt, Panama, Russia

LGBT+ people discrimination around the world

Egyptian police and the National Security Agency are using dating apps to encounter and then detain people from the LGBT community. The policemen are creating fake profiles on apps like Grindr to find gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexual persons. They are arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and abused – all of that done systematically. Egyptian authorities base […]
15 June 2020

How the Amazon region, hardest-hit by coronavirus, resumed lessons with classrooms closed

Aula em Casa is a television programme that reaches 450,000 students in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. The project has recently expanded into other states of São Paulo, Sergipe and Espírito Santo, which means it brings its content to millions of schoolchildren. Like millions of other students in Brazil, Pedro Henrique Oliveira Cantuario found himself […]
Hanna Liubakova
29 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

Even Bill Gates uses Duolingo to learn languages

Duolingo has got a lot of heat lately overseas. The online platform has been offering free language learning around the world for seven years. It has become possible because all courses are created in cooperation with volunteers. , the co-initiator of the project, says – During the first three years of operation we have provided […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
29 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

The caravan of refugees crosses Mexico

– The members of the immigrants’ caravan are not gang members or terrorists, like Donald Trump, the President of the United States claims. They are citizens who are looking for a chance for a better life – says Alden Rivera Montes, ambassador in .
Honorata Zapaśnik
18 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

A synthetic chocolate

The Maya peoples were the first to process cacao beans. They were making a bitter drink for the rich ones and for the purpose of ritual. A few centuries later sweet chocolate was made. – What we consider chocolate today is a synthetic product with a chocolate taste – says David Sánchez of the Museo […]
Honorata Zapaśnik
8 October 2018
Mexico, North America, South America

A chance to save coral reefs

During 2017’s World Ocean Conference in New York, the scientists agreed that up to 90% of coral reefs may be dead until 2050. However, by now, the greatest Australian reef is 50% destroyed and the Mexican – 65%. The extinction process is much faster than expected.
Honorata Zapaśnik