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North America

All our reports, articles and notes covering this part of the world.

30 October 2020
Japan, United Kingdom, USA

Humans and animals

An eight million dollars study funded by the United States Airforce is looking into the armor of an insect called diabolical ironclad beetle, with the hope of gaining insights into the construction of more resistant planes and buildings. The beetle can withstand forces almost 40 000 greater than its weight. Until now, such research was […]
30 October 2020
Singapore, Australia, USA

Underwater turbines and going green after a tornado

The tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas in the U.S. in 2007 destroyed 95% of the buildings in that town. After its rebuilding, Greensburg is now a zero-emission city. All of the electricity used by the inhabitants comes from a wind farm, and the heating and cooling systems rely on geothermal energy. All the buildings are […]
30 October 2020
Hong Kong, Poland, Thailand, USA

Tactics of protests in Poland and Thailand

In Poland, thousands of protesters are disrupting church services and blocking traffic across the country after the country’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled that terminating a pregnancy due to congenital fetal defects is “unconstitutional”. The decision further limited what was already Europe’s second strictest abortion legislation and came under heavy criticism from the general public, intellectuals, politicians, […]
9 October 2020
Malaysia, Germany, USA, Europe, North America

Fight over Haribo jellies, palm oil and whether sex “sells”

The biggest German supermarket chains are withdrawing the famous Haribo jellies from their shelves because of a dispute over prices. Lidl decided to cease the sales of the popular product and Edeka to reduce it by 40%. The situation was initiated with Haribo wanting to raise the prices by 0.10 € on a 360-gram package. […]
9 October 2020
India, USA

Women representatives in the judiciary, legislative and women and girls at schools and in the work market

According to the UN, there was a significant rise in the number of girls enrolled in primary schools, maternal mortality dropped, and the systemic protection against discrimination and violence became better. There are 21 female presidents and prime ministers in the world – around twice as many as 25 years ago. Since 1995 the percentage […]
9 October 2020
Algeria, Morocco, Russia, USA, China

USA counters Chinese and Russian influences

China will take over the number one superpower position from America if the USA does not focus on preparing for the “soft” threats like climate or diseases, according to the report from the House Intelligence Committee. If that does not happen, the United States will suffer from economic, security, and health consequences for decades. China […]
5 October 2020
United Kingdom, USA, Africa

Fashion industry going sustainable

African’s fashion industry is using new and traditional methods to achieve more sustainability. Organizers of the shows are reducing the carbon footprint by making the teams behind them smaller as well as downsizing the light and sound systems. Some of the shows and fashion workshops are also available online. The African market is more made-to-order […]
5 October 2020
Europe, North America

Football: business, discrimination and the COVID-19

There was a hate crime incident at one in ten football matches of the 2019/2020 season in England and Wales, according to police data. The number of arrests for racist or “indecent” chanting rose more than twice from 14 in the previous season to 35 in the last one. The number seems high, especially as […]
5 October 2020
USA, Europe, North America

The airline industry crisis, economic revival and cryptocurrencies

The American airline industry is facing a crisis even worse than the one after 9/11. Unless the Congress offers another stimulus package, 35 000 people may lose their jobs. That number would add to the current decline of 100 000 workplaces in air transportation. The airlines in the US received $25 billion in aid already […]
26 September 2020
United Kingdom, USA

The hypocrisy of corporations and the plastic from our clothes

It’s in the corporations’ interest to blame the individuals for climate change and make them concerned about combating it. As reported in the investigation by the US National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service, oil and gas companies that produce plastic were never truly engaged in a real effort to recycle it but rather interested […]