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13 November 2020
Oman, Switzerland, USA

World’s highest minimum wage and the unprecedented taxation in Oman

The canton of Geneva in Switzerland introduced the world’s highest minimum wage. It now stands at around 25 USD per hour and a minimum monthly salary of over 4400 USD. The high costs of living have strained the 600 000 poor Swiss (out of 8,5 million citizens) especially during the pandemic. The minimum wage in […]
13 November 2020
Russia, China

Green companies during crisis and troubles of Russian wine farmers

It pays off to be “green”. The companies more engaged in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) initiatives are more resilient during crises, according to research. Although some studies suggest that they may perform worse in a short time due to the heavier upfront investment costs in becoming environmentally and socially sustainable, they profit […]
13 November 2020
Pakistan, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom

Bribe for child delivery and the dangers of being a woman vaccinator

Pregnant women in Zimbabwe are forced to pay bribes to healthcare workers to be offered help in childbirth. The whole sector is collapsing, the staff is going on strike, and the most basic resources are lacking. There are even reports of women giving birth outside maternity clinics. Two Zimbabwean women took the authorities to court […]
9 November 2020

Mass testing for coronavirus in Slovakia

Peter Korček
6 November 2020
United Kingdom, USA, North America

Robots building houses and the architecture inspired by sponges

The structure of the deep-sea sponge skeletons could inspire the technology for stronger and more durable architecture, like buckle resistant bridges. According to the newest research, Euplectella aspergillum species has an intricate skeletal structure that is exceptionally strong – it performs better than the comparable configurations humans use for lattice-style bridges. It has a tubelike […]
6 November 2020
France, Australia, USA, Europe

Abandoned art and the “mini-festival” in Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival organized a three-day “mini film fest” as a “declaration of love” for culture. The organizers want the festival to help the region in tough times and an encouragement for the cinema industry. In the absence of most international movie stars, the spectators were invited to walk the famous red carpet. The […]
6 November 2020
Philippines, Greece, China, Venezuela, Turkey

Turkey vs Greece dispute and alleged terrorism in Venezuela

Turkish authorities stated that they would extend seismic exploration in the disputed area of the Eastern Mediterranean until November 4th. Greece called it an “illegal move” that is breaking international law. Three Turkish ships are prospecting for mineral resources (gas and oil) south of the Greek Rhodes island. As a counter to Turkish actions, the […]
6 November 2020
Madagascar, Germany, USA

No more protection for the Grey Wolf and an encounter with an elusive chameleon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that it aims to terminate the protection of the grey wolf as it is “neither a threatened nor endangered species”. The conservation groups around the country oppose the decision, stating that the move is premature and the U.S. still lacks a national wolf recovery plan. One of […]
30 October 2020
Japan, United Kingdom, USA

Humans and animals

An eight million dollars study funded by the United States Airforce is looking into the armor of an insect called diabolical ironclad beetle, with the hope of gaining insights into the construction of more resistant planes and buildings. The beetle can withstand forces almost 40 000 greater than its weight. Until now, such research was […]
30 October 2020
Denmark, Finland

Space junk and computers heating houses

Roughly 40% of the energy consumed by the data centers is used for cooling down the computers. The heat they produce could be used for warming businesses and houses. In 2010 in Helsinki, a thousand households were connected to the heating system that used warmth from the data center nearby. Paris started to heat its […]