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23 September 2020
Botswana, Zimbabwe, USA

Mysterious deaths of elephants

Every year, some 830 million trees are hit by lightning in the tropical forests, and 200 million of them die, according to the study from Global Change Biology. The research was made thanks to satellite data and a network of ground sensors that helped monitor vast areas and lightning that occur in milliseconds. The observation […]
23 September 2020
Kenya, Sudan, USA

Climate refugees

There is no commonly accepted definition of who is a ‘climate migrant’ or ‘climate refugee’. Some of the experts claim that those terms cover a spectrum: from people who have to move – even if temporarily – because of natural disasters, through to those affected by the slow-onset impacts of the climate emergency. Moreover, manymore […]
23 September 2020
Nigeria, India, USA

Lack of coins in the US and temporary basic income

Temporary basic income for the poorest was proposed as a solution to the pandemic crisis by the United Nations Development Programme. With 3 billion people living below or just above the poverty line and around 100 million pushed into extreme poverty due to coronavirus, that kind of solution is recommended as many developing countries lack […]
23 September 2020
Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Rwanda

Man who inspired “Hotel Rwanda” movie arrested, protests in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe

Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the main character of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and a vocal critic of the Rwandan government under Paul Kagame, was arrested on charges of terrorism. According to Rusesabagina’s family, he was “kidnapped” from Dubai and transported to Rwanda. The country’s investigation bureau’s spokesman informed that he is suspected of […]
23 September 2020
Kenya, United Kingdom, USA

The software that helps Kenyans count zebras

Kenya introduced database called Wildbook that helps to track individual animals in a wildlife population using natural markings. Wildbook also brings volunteers to take photographs which are then uploaded to the database. This way it automatically maps the number of the rare Grevy’s zebra. Its global population is estimated at 3,000, and Kenya is home […]
19 September 2020
Congo, Netherlands, Spain, India

The mass graves in Spain and conflicts over museums in India

The Spanish government approved the new Law on Democratic Memory (“Ley de Memoria Democrática”) that will make the state responsible for unearthing the mass graves from the era of civil war and the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. About 100 000 victims stay in unmarked graves across the country. According to Amnesty International, that number is […]
19 September 2020
Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen

The peace talks in Sudan and Afghanistan and the conflict in Yemen

Sudan’s peace agreement signed between the transitional government and a coalition of rebel leaders is a chance to end conflicts in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile. The fight along the peripheries of the country involved the Army of Sudan and South Sudanese Sudan’s People Liberation Army, as well as rebels supported by both belligerent […]
23 April 2018

A conference aimed at raising funds to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was held on the 13th of April in Geneva

A conference aimed at raising funds to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was held on the 13th of April in Geneva. Delegations representing more than 100 countries arrived. The government of DRC boycotted the meeting, so the country’s president Joseph Kabila was also absent. According to the United Nations the […]
23 April 2018

Human traffickers in the Middle East and Africa use social media to reach to immigrants

Human traffickers in the Middle East and Africa use social media to reach to immigrants. Often, people who decide to use these services are kidnapped and tortured. In order to get a ransom, smugglers send pictures of immigrants to their family members via social media. They typically use websites, private groups, Facebook’s and WhatsApp’s videos […]
13 April 2018
Africa, Somalia


The Civil War in Somalia continues. Throughout the years only the nature of the terror has changed. The scale, however, remains similar. Somalis keep running away from the violence, fighting hunger and their entire existence is about simply trying to survive yet another day.
Marcin Suder