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United Kingdom

9 October 2020
Friendship and longevity and dying species
Adders in the United Kingdom could become extinct within 12 years. That may be the impact of around 57 million…
5 October 2020
Fashion industry going sustainable
African’s fashion industry is using new and traditional methods to achieve more sustainability. Organizers of the shows are reducing the…
26 September 2020
The hypocrisy of corporations and the plastic from our clothes
It’s in the corporations’ interest to blame the individuals for climate change and make them concerned about combating it. As…
26 September 2020
Castration in Nigeria and the research on government’s misconduct
A recent study found that the government’s misconduct causes 54% of wrongful criminal convictions in the United States. Police officers…
23 September 2020
The software that helps Kenyans count zebras
Kenya introduced database called Wildbook that helps to track individual animals in a wildlife population using natural markings. Wildbook also…
19 September 2020
Mysterious language of chatbots and robots in care homes
Care homes in the UK will use robots. Among their tasks will be, i.e. having simple conversations with residents which…
28 February 2019
Making of Zones of Fear

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