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23 September 2020
Will the stock markets react to the results of the U.S. presidential elections?
Large external deficits and loose monetary policy fueling inflation, loss of geopolitical hegemony and weaponization of dollar via trade, financial…
23 September 2020
The software that helps Kenyans count zebras
Kenya introduced database called Wildbook that helps to track individual animals in a wildlife population using natural markings. Wildbook also…
19 September 2020
The mass graves in Spain and conflicts over museums in India
The Spanish government approved the new Law on Democratic Memory (“Ley de Memoria Democrática”) that will make the state responsible…
19 September 2020
Mysterious language of chatbots and robots in care homes
Care homes in the UK will use robots. Among their tasks will be, i.e. having simple conversations with residents which…
16 August 2020
Flowers and firearms. Belarusians are united against police violence
What started as a post-election protest has become the popular uprising against longtime President Aleksandr Lukashenko. In the last week,…
16 August 2020
Waiting for a move
Just ten days ago, peaceful rallies of support for the opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya – a winner in the last…
9 August 2020
Lukashenko may be announced the winner. But his victory won’t last long
The outcome won’t be any different. But the people of Belarus have already shown they want change. In the past…
31 July 2020
Dismissed as ‘poor thing,’ she gathered the largest rally in a decade. In Belarus, Lukashenko faces a female challenge
The Viasna human rights centre said at least 63,000 supporters of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya turned up for the rally, making it…
20 July 2020
Three women against Lukashenko. Belarusians massively gathered at first rallies of unified opposition
The Belarusian opposition’s main presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held her first rally on Sunday. At least 7,500 people took to…
15 July 2020
Belarus bans two opposition candidates from running in elections. People are fighting back
More than 250 people were detained in violent clashes in Minsk and other cities across Belarus, according to the Interior…
14 July 2020
Why Belarusians do not love Lukashenko anymore
Anger has reached some of the smallest towns across Belarus. So has violence, unseen here before. As Belarusians feel they…
7 July 2020
Prague startup employs homeless people as tour guides and wants to change society
Despite being often regarded as poverty tourism, the social enterprise Pragulic employs homeless people to show the Czech capital through…

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