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9 October 2020
Friendship and longevity and dying species
Adders in the United Kingdom could become extinct within 12 years. That may be the impact of around 57 million…
5 October 2020
Fashion industry going sustainable
African’s fashion industry is using new and traditional methods to achieve more sustainability. Organizers of the shows are reducing the…
5 October 2020
Football: business, discrimination and the COVID-19
There was a hate crime incident at one in ten football matches of the 2019/2020 season in England and Wales,…
5 October 2020
The airline industry crisis, economic revival and cryptocurrencies
The American airline industry is facing a crisis even worse than the one after 9/11. Unless the Congress offers another…
30 September 2020
Moria’s blaze chronicles and the next day for the refugees of Europe
“Tomorrow will be just a year”, said Hamid, a 14-year-old boy from Afghanistan when asked for how long he was…
30 September 2020
Catalonia on trial
26 September 2020
The hypocrisy of corporations and the plastic from our clothes
It’s in the corporations’ interest to blame the individuals for climate change and make them concerned about combating it. As…
26 September 2020
Interests and relations between Russia, China, the USA, and the European Union
Russia is looking for closer relations with China as a counterbalance for threats from foreign powers like the USA. Russia’s…
26 September 2020
Castration in Nigeria and the research on government’s misconduct
A recent study found that the government’s misconduct causes 54% of wrongful criminal convictions in the United States. Police officers…
26 September 2020
Australian stinging trees and scientists using shotguns to collect samples
The remaining of Europe’s ancient biodiverse forests need immediate protection. Primary forests constitute only 4% of woods in the continent.…
23 September 2020
Arctic Archipelago through the eyes of Inuits
Canadian cruise line employs Inuits for its trips to the Arctic Archipelago to encourage visitors to be respectful and responsible…
23 September 2020
Protests in Hungary, Thailand and China
Thousands of Hungarian students formed a several kilometers long human chain in a protest demanding autonomy for the universities. In…

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