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25 July 2017
Will Polish reformers meet Ukrainian expectations?
The Poles took care about the roads and railways in Ukraine, but it is not known how long it will…
Lesbos, spotter waiting for refugees
18 July 2017
The number of asylum seekers and migrants deciding to set off for Europe has drastically declined. Two years ago, 1,049,400…
3 July 2017
Petya Virus – new weapon in the war against Ukraine?
Petya – this is the virus that caused the biggest . It targeted banks, national authorities and important companies. Despite the…
13 June 2017
Owner of the largest Russian search engine leaves Ukraine
decided to close down its offices in Kiev and Odessa after the Security Service of Ukraine searched the facilities of…
18 May 2017
Ukraine blocks access to Russian Internet
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed imposing sanctions on more Russian companies. The updated “black list” now includes 468 Russian…
10 May 2017
Eurovision in the Ukrainian fashion: with war and the Right Sector in the background
Eurovision in the Ukrainian fashion: with war and the Right Sector in the background On May 7th, the Eurovision Song…
Polish Consulate in Lutsk attacked
28 April 2017
A war on history. The Ukrainian National Remembrance Institute responds
The Ukrainian National Remembrance Institute has announced a suspension of the legalization of Polish monuments in Ukraine. It is an…
Kercz budowa mostu-PiotrAndrusieczko-Outriders
19 April 2017
Steering clear of Crimean sanctions
According to experts from Ukrainian monitoring group BlackSeaNews, only in February 2017 74 ships violated the sanctions and entered the…
Polish Consulate in Lutsk attacked
29 March 2017
Polish Consulate in Lutsk attacked
Overnight into March 29, unknown culprits shelled Poland’s Consulate General in Lutsk with a grenade launcher. There were no casualties.…
26 March 2017
Political contract killing?
On 23rd March, in the center of Kiev, Denis Voronenkov – the former deputy of the State Duma, was gunned…
17 January 2017
Ukraine 2016: Between war and reforms
2016 has proven not to be a breakthrough year for Ukraine. For three years now, a “stable” trench warfare takes…
17 January 2017
Belarus 2016: Dangerous distance
Analysts and journalists professionally engaged with Belarus complain about stagnation. They say that they could “copy” and “paste” fragments of…

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