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31 December 2020
Misery and creativity, making children fall in love with reading and the archives of John le Carré
Creativity and art could, indeed, grow out of misery. At least in Ludwig van Beethoven’s case as this is the…
21 December 2020
Minsk: decentral strike
19 December 2020
Brazil holdin climate “hostage” and the implementation of the Paris Agreement
Not a single country met its Paris Agreement goals five years after it was adopted, according to 100 experts who…
17 December 2020
Getting rid of the Nazi letters and the swear words ranking
Names of many climbing routes are offensive, according to 91% of respondents who took part in a poll made by…
17 December 2020
Elections in Kashmir, Romania and Namibia – issues behind
Every third Romanian citizen (six million people altogether) lives on the verge of poverty. Despite that, there was no space…
17 December 2020
Vulnerability to digital marketing and the fashion industry in trouble
People with mental health issues are twice as likely to fall to digital marketing tricks than usual customers – warns…
17 December 2020
Solar energy stored for winter and the mining industry going green
The scientists from Lancaster University have discovered a material that is capable of storing solar energy gathered during the summer…
14 December 2020
Pandemic: the Belarusian Stories
Many were shocked when the Victory Day 75th anniversary parade took place as scheduled in early May, and thousands of…
13 December 2020
Telegram reality: how the messenger influenced the Belarusian protest
Minsk, August 10, evening time. Several thousand people gathered near Pushkinskaya metro station. Mobile internet has been disconnected for two…
12 December 2020
IT sector in Belarus: How was it born?
After the USSR collapsed, there was literally nothing in Belarus, but only in terms of material goods. In terms of…
10 December 2020
The Belarusian Inquisition
“I was beaten only once. Probably it was my fault – I was rude to the officer,” 20-year-old Yulia said.…
28 November 2020
The Revolution Will Be Advertised
Until a few years ago the question of whether Belarusian brands might take advantage of political events in their advertising…

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