Belgrade: Business and Trust Forum

10 September 2017

September brought us to the capital city of Serbia – Belgrade. Magda Chodownik represented Outriders at the conference “Business and Trust Forum” organized by Digital Communications Network. We were very honoured to receive the invitation to speak at the event and present how we work on trust within media bussiness.

Turst, in the times of fake news, became a tricky world. We can all notice the general loss of trust in the media. Despite the circumstances, we need to hang on to it even more than before and really – do not let it go.

In our talk, that took place on the 2nd day of the event, we presented how Outriders work on gaining and maintaining trust in our newly formed media startup. Openness – as simple as it sounds – has been a key for us.

Share – we share insights of our work and we show them to our readers. We openly discuss how we work on the field (#DeepBreath) as well as in our newsroom.

Meet – we decided to go further than a desktop. We have been organising meetings and photo exhibitions, we have been attending festivals and conferences in order to meet our readers and be able to talk to them face to face.

Be regular and stable – this is what we understand by reliable source of information. While our interactive stories might take different amount of time, our Dispaches and Riders Lab sections are regular and stable. We ensure the information flow on a regular basis from a specific country or a region.

“Business and Turst Forum” brought tens of great media professionals from all over the world in to one place. Apart from presenting our concepts and solutions, the conference turned to be an amazing inspiration, source of information as well as a great platform to exchange and discuss ideas, issues, and the future of the industry.

The location of the conference couldn’t be better either. Beautiful Belgrade, still sunny and warm at this time of a year, helped creating friendly atmosphere but also invited us to look closer at the quite forgotten but interesting media landscape in the Balkans region.

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