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Marcin Suder

Marcin Suder

Photographer, photoreporter

A photographer and photojournalist. Marcin has been working for the Corbis agency for many years. He also collaborated with NGOs such as Unicef and UNDP. He worked in more than dozens of countries and was published in the world’s most renewed magazines, newspapers and portals.


2 October 2019
Europe, Ukraine

The Crimean Bridge

Crimean Bridge is a Russian project on the verge of implementation. It is a bridge that connected Crimea (annexed in 2014) with Russia. Ukraine and western countries do not recognise it. This bridge not only connects but also divides.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder
21 March 2019


Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder, Jakub Górnicki
26 October 2018
Europe, Ukraine

The Line

The Line is an interactive report about forgotten by some and lasting four years war in Ukraine, about the fate of people which suddenly had to face the reality of war.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder
21 April 2018

Migration Monitor

Migration is one of the biggest challenges for humanity. It's also a very broad term within which we have - IDPs, refugees but also economical migrant. We want to become a cross-border complex source showing you various aspects it. Together with reporters and outlets around the world what is current state of migration through this Migration Monitor.
Jakub Górnicki
13 April 2018
Africa, Somalia


The Civil War in Somalia continues. Throughout the years only the nature of the terror has changed. The scale, however, remains similar. Somalis keep running away from the violence, fighting hunger and their entire existence is about simply trying to survive yet another day.
Marcin Suder
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