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Anna Gornicka

Anna Górnicka

Editor in Chief

Outriders cofounder. Journalist, Editor, Communications Specialist by profession. Anna worked in “Wprost” weekly, PWN Publishing House, Sage, and PZU. She studied journalism, social communications, political marketing, and editing. Together with Jakub, she created a top-rated blog about travelling called Podróż

26 October 2018
Europe, Ukraine

The Line

The Line is an interactive report about forgotten by some and lasting four years war in Ukraine, about the fate of people which suddenly had to face the reality of war.
Piotr Andrusieczko, Marcin Suder
23 May 2018


11.2% of the world's population dies because of pollution. More than 90% inhale air of poor quality. "Deep Breath" is an interactive report on the global smog problem which many countries are unable or unwilling to deal with.
Honorata Zapaśnik
11 January 2015

World 2014

The world 2014 is a review of the most important events that took place worldwide in the last 12 months - both positive and negative. All of them had a significant impact on the world we live in - the close and far parts of it. Check, what's on the list.
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