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13 November 2020
Arrests of opposition leaders in Tanzania, Uganda and Ivory Coast
The authorities in Uganda, Tanzania, and the Ivory Coast are arresting the opposition leaders amid the elections’ disputes. In Uganda,…
13 November 2020
New species of animals and how the poo-analysis helped us find them
According to the recent genetic studies made by Australian scientists, the greater glider, one of the world’s biggest gliding mammals,…
13 November 2020
Green companies during crisis and troubles of Russian wine farmers
It pays off to be “green”. The companies more engaged in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) initiatives are…
13 November 2020
World’s highest minimum wage and the unprecedented taxation in Oman
The canton of Geneva in Switzerland introduced the world’s highest minimum wage. It now stands at around 25 USD per…
13 November 2020
Bribe for child delivery and the dangers of being a woman vaccinator
Pregnant women in Zimbabwe are forced to pay bribes to healthcare workers to be offered help in childbirth. The whole…
6 November 2020
Turkey vs Greece dispute and alleged terrorism in Venezuela
Turkish authorities stated that they would extend seismic exploration in the disputed area of the Eastern Mediterranean until November 4th.…
6 November 2020
“Writing the future” and tattoos as a mark of the journeys
A tattoo is a part of travel, and for hundreds of years, travelers have marked their journeys with ink. The…
30 October 2020
Humans and animals
An eight million dollars study funded by the United States Airforce is looking into the armor of an insect called…
30 October 2020
The U.S. Army helping Talibans and far-right terrorists
Far-right groups are behind the most terrorist attacks in the U.S. in 2020. Between January and August, they have been…
30 October 2020
Underwater turbines and going green after a tornado
The tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas in the U.S. in 2007 destroyed 95% of the buildings in that town. After…
30 October 2020
Tactics of protests in Poland and Thailand
In Poland, thousands of protesters are disrupting church services and blocking traffic across the country after the country’s Constitutional Tribunal…
16 October 2020
Human trafficking and kidnapped brides
Twenty-nine million women and girls are victims of modern slavery. They are forced to labor, involuntary marriages, and exploited via…

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