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15 December 2021
Qanats, the Ancient Solution to Carry Water Under Iran’s Desert
8 December 2021
22 October 2021
AFGHANOTES #9 With girls barred from education and amidst a financial meltdown, the English academies face closure
4 October 2021
AFGHANOTES #8 In order to Flee, Afghans Are Even Selling their Carpets
29 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #7 Without Jobs and Cash, Afghans Fear a Looming Financial Crisis
28 September 2021
Junkyard of the West
Every year millions of second-hand cars are exported from the USA, the EU, and Japan to West Africa and non-OECD…
23 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #6 In a Barbershop in Kabul: “People are Letting their Beards Grow”
21 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #5 Taliban Begin to Expel Women from Education
14 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #4 Afghan Journalists Recount How Taliban Tortured Them “One of Them Put His Foot on my Head”
10 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #3 Inside Kabul’s Book Market: Fearing Punishment from the Taliban, Now People Avoid Having Certain Books
8 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #2 Afghan Children “Are at Greater Risk than Ever”
6 September 2021
AFGHANOTES #1 – I Will Never Accept that Afghan Women Remain Silent

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