Unable to capture Mykolayiv, the Russians decided to go around it from the northern side and attack Odesa from here.

Suddenly, a Russian armoured group appeared in Voznesensk, about 150 km away.

The Russians appeared in this town with over 30 000 inhabitants out of nowhere. They did not follow the main road but some dirt roads and the locals suspect someone living here helped them because a civilian car was seen driving tanks through small dirt roads.

The Ukrainian army destroyed two bridges in the town, and the inhabitants took up arms to defend their city. The fight lasted three days and another two on the outskirts, where Russian units retreated.

Eventually, they dug in the fields outside the city, where Ukrainian artillery tracked down and annihilated them.

There are many traces of fighting on the way. Traces of panicky tank manoeuvres under fire, a looted gas station store and many abandoned equipment and uniforms, metal parts of armoured personnel carriers melted like wax.

Two 120 mm mortar shells hidden under military jackets show that it is better not to collect "souvenirs" from the battlefield because the Russians left deadly traps behind them.

Apart from them is also the wreckage of a downed helicopter and a wagon of dead invaders.