Thoughts after Compass 2017

A new travel event came to Lviv on November 18, 2017. Ukrainian Lviv Media Forum and Polish media project Outriders, with the support of Lviv Travel Club, combined to create a new place on the travellers map. Place that brought together adventurers, explorers and inspiring personalities to share their incredible, funny and interesting adventures during the travels.

About a hundred people gathered in Kopernik Kinopalats cinema hall to listen to the compelling stories of Compass 2017, hosted by Yurii Shyvala. Eight well known speakers from Ukraine and Poland, like Irina Galay, Bogdan Logvynenko, Maria Sebova, Piotrz Horzela, to name a few – talked about their personal travels and experiences. So we got their insights into motivation and reasons to climb Mount Everest, end of the revolution in Cuba, backstage of the Iceland trip, how Antarctica surprises, dirty cheap Europe and make a TV-show about it, behind-the-scenes of Dirty Cheap Europe, as well as why it’s worth to explore Ukraine. The gathered audience reacted spontaneously to stories, especially to operation “Evacuation” or my first travel blog by Bohdan Kutiepov and Antarctica – what you think and what you get by Piotr Horzela, though all the speakers got big applause.

At the afterparty in Jager Wald club all attendees had the chance to discuss with the speakers and win free entry to Lviv Media Forum (May 2018). Congrats to the lucky ones!

The event was bound to be successful, so more stories on travels, adventures, transforming personal travels into media stories and blogging are awaiting next year at Compass 2018! Join us and get inspired.

Compass 2018 will take place on October 20, 2018. See you in Lviv!

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