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17 December 2018
“None of us – lawyers, human rights defenders – deal with extremist activity!”
On December 7, a Crimean Tatar lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was sentenced to five days in jail by a Russian court…
10 December 2018
Martial law (kind of)
Martial law was imposed in 10 Oblasts of Ukraine. That is the response of President Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian…
4 December 2018
Paying for Fried Chicken with the Face: A Journey around the Biometric Landscape in China
A customer orders crispy fried chicken using one of the screens at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Shenzhen. At…
4 November 2018
Waiting for a new Orthodox Church
A new concerning the creation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is about to be issued soon. The assembly of representatives…
1 November 2018
From Acupuncture to Dog Cremations: China’s Pet Industry is Booming
Last year, the Chinese spent EUR 21 billion on their pets, 27% more than the previous year.
29 October 2018
Even Bill Gates uses Duolingo to learn languages
Duolingo has got a lot of heat lately overseas. The online platform has been offering free language learning around the…
29 October 2018
The caravan of refugees crosses Mexico
– The members of the immigrants’ caravan are not gang members or terrorists, like Donald Trump, the President of the…
25 October 2018
China Is Using Facial Recognition To Catch Jaywalkers
On Huaihai Street, a large shopping street in downtown Shanghai, a large LED screen on the sidewalk displays the image…
18 October 2018
Peace is the deadliest word
It was meant to be a massive show of support for peace and democracy. It is remembered as the deadliest…
18 October 2018
A synthetic chocolate
The Maya peoples were the first to process cacao beans. They were making a bitter drink for the rich ones…
18 October 2018
Trump’s USA Today op-ed demonstrates why it’s time to unbundle news and opinion content
“At a time when both the public and algorithms are trying to understand what journalism means and how to distinguish…
15 October 2018
The Benyash’s case – state vs. defense attorneys
The Russian city of Krasnodar, the capital of a region located on the Black Sea coastline, is now the scene…

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