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9 August 2020

Lukashenko may be announced the winner. But his victory won’t last long

The outcome won’t be any different. But the people of Belarus have already shown they want change. In the past weeks and months, Belarus has seen some of the most unusual scenes in its history. Kilometres-long lines of people waiting to leave signatures in support of their candidates. Thousands gathered in provincial towns, where protests […]
Hanna Liubakova
31 July 2020

Dismissed as ‘poor thing,’ she gathered the largest rally in a decade. In Belarus, Lukashenko faces a female challenge

The Viasna human rights centre said at least 63,000 supporters of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya turned up for the rally, making it the most massive political demonstration in the past decade and recent Belarusian history. The rally came as Belarus authorities accused top members of the opposition of collaborating with Russian private military contractors to orchestrate mass […]
Hanna Liubakova
20 July 2020

Three women against Lukashenko. Belarusians massively gathered at first rallies of unified opposition

The Belarusian opposition’s main presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held her first rally on Sunday. At least 7,500 people took to streets in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. It is an astonishing number, which perhaps surprised Tsikhanouskaya and the rest of her team. When she came on stage and saw the crowds, she broke into tears. […]
Hanna Liubakova
15 July 2020

Belarus bans two opposition candidates from running in elections. People are fighting back

More than 250 people were detained in violent clashes in Minsk and other cities across Belarus, according to the Interior Ministry. It started with an elusive message posted on several Telegram channels: “Let’s meet tonight on our cities’ main squares.” There was no previous organisation or mobilisation, and no additional information was given. But hundreds […]
Hanna Liubakova
14 July 2020

Why Belarusians do not love Lukashenko anymore

Anger has reached some of the smallest towns across Belarus. So has violence, unseen here before. As Belarusians feel they are the majority, the president is creating a powder keg. Hantsavichy, a small town in the Brest region, had never seen a political protest before. But it was the local police brutality that shocked local […]
Hanna Liubakova
26 February 2019
North America, USA

Park Chicano. Meksykańskie murale na krańcu Ameryki

Chicano Park is located under a monumental bridge in Barrio Logan, the Latin district of San Diego. It is pretty empty during the day. No hipsters are walking with caffe latte there or freelancers who are going for a short jogging during their break from work. Chicano Park is known for its colourful murals. It […]
Marta Zdzieborska
18 February 2019
North America

Border Angels. How do Californian activists help illegal immigrants?

On every third Saturday of the month, Border Angels’ activists go to the Imperial Valley desert, along the Mexican border. They leave bottles filled with water and some clothes during winter. They leave all that in places where immigrants cross the Mexico–United States border illegally. Border Angels members have developed six routes – starting with […]
Marta Zdzieborska
28 January 2019
Europe, Ukraine

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine – between faith and politics

The independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine has become a reality, and that event can be considered as one of the most important in the history of independent Ukraine, not only spiritual but also political. Undoubtedly, it is a success of Petro Poroshenko, whose pools went up after the establishment of the new Orthodox Church, according […]
Piotr Andrusieczko
11 January 2019
Asia, China

Tea or Coffee? What a Beverage Tells Us about China today

Chinese people drink 2.1 million tonnes of tea every year. The infusion has defined traditions, history, even maps. Surprisingly, in the camellia kingdom, Starbucks opens a coffee store every 15 hours. Near the wall of what’s said to be the oldest teahouse in China, there is a short, stooped over and nicked barber wearing a […]
Lola García-Ajofrín
8 January 2019
Europe, Ukraine

A champagne made in Donbas

Posh shops and boutiques are located on the main street of Kyiv in a (a large department store), renovated by Rinat Akhmetov, the wealthiest Ukrainian. It is a kind of an island of luxury, where many Kyiv residents and guests come just to have a walk because it’s Centralnyj Uniwersalnyj Magazin! There is a terrace […]
Piotr Andrusieczko