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9 October 2020
USA counters Chinese and Russian influences
China will take over the number one superpower position from America if the USA does not focus on preparing for…
9 October 2020
LGBT+ people discrimination around the world
Egyptian police and the National Security Agency are using dating apps to encounter and then detain people from the LGBT…
9 October 2020
Friendship and longevity and dying species
Adders in the United Kingdom could become extinct within 12 years. That may be the impact of around 57 million…
5 October 2020
Fashion industry going sustainable
African’s fashion industry is using new and traditional methods to achieve more sustainability. Organizers of the shows are reducing the…
26 September 2020
Castration in Nigeria and the research on government’s misconduct
A recent study found that the government’s misconduct causes 54% of wrongful criminal convictions in the United States. Police officers…
23 September 2020
Mysterious deaths of elephants
Every year, some 830 million trees are hit by lightning in the tropical forests, and 200 million of them die,…
23 September 2020
Climate refugees
There is no commonly accepted definition of who is a ‘climate migrant’ or ‘climate refugee’. Some of the experts claim…
23 September 2020
Lack of coins in the US and temporary basic income
Temporary basic income for the poorest was proposed as a solution to the pandemic crisis by the United Nations Development…
23 September 2020
Man who inspired “Hotel Rwanda” movie arrested, protests in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe
Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the main character of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and a vocal critic of the…
23 September 2020
The software that helps Kenyans count zebras
Kenya introduced database called Wildbook that helps to track individual animals in a wildlife population using natural markings. Wildbook also…
19 September 2020
The mass graves in Spain and conflicts over museums in India
The Spanish government approved the new Law on Democratic Memory (“Ley de Memoria Democrática”) that will make the state responsible…
19 September 2020
The peace talks in Sudan and Afghanistan and the conflict in Yemen
Sudan’s peace agreement signed between the transitional government and a coalition of rebel leaders is a chance to end conflicts…

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