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28 September 2021
Junkyard of the West
Every year millions of second-hand cars are exported from the USA, the EU, and Japan to West Africa and non-OECD…
26 November 2020
Grannies Against the Right
Since 2017 the organization of Grannies Against the Right is fighting right-wing extremism and xenophobia in Austria. Following their motto:…
16 October 2020
New art rock style, giant refugee puppet and Twitter as a safe space
To dramatize and draw attention to the plight of child refugees, British activists will make a 3,5-metre-high puppet of a…
26 September 2020
Castration in Nigeria and the research on government’s misconduct
A recent study found that the government’s misconduct causes 54% of wrongful criminal convictions in the United States. Police officers…
23 September 2020
Lack of coins in the US and temporary basic income
Temporary basic income for the poorest was proposed as a solution to the pandemic crisis by the United Nations Development…
20 May 2020
Non-profit delivers masks for the vulnerable in Africa and gives jobs to local tailors
A non-profit organisation African Masks distributes cloth masks in several countries across Africa. While some governments introduced compulsory mask-wearing, many…

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