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Jakub Gornicki

Jakub Górnicki


Jakub is a blogger and reporter, passionate about new media, interactive storytelling and reporting projects. He studied journalism at Warsaw University, specialised in Reportage Laboratory. He started Outriders to bridge cultures and societies by original reporting and providing a global perspective through innovative storytelling. As a C.O and board member of ePaństwo Foundation, he developed it into a global leading open data/transparency NGO. He started Code for Poland, worked there for six years and transformed it into Code for All together with Code for America. He also co-operated with Open Cities – a program helping European cities adopt open data policies as well as Personal Democracy Forum in CEE and TransparenCEE. He remains an active ambassador of Central Eastern Europe. Jakub was named a 2014 New Europe Challenger.

27 August 2018

The Gorani

The Gorani, Slavic Muslims. They are an ethnic minority living in the frontier between Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia - a kind of triangle in the Gora region in the Šar Mountains. They maintain their traditions, language and rituals. And they do not plan to conquer the world.
Jakub Górnicki, Agnieszka Wanat
21 April 2018

Migration Monitor

Migration is one of the biggest challenges for humanity. It's also a very broad term within which we have - IDPs, refugees but also economical migrant. We want to become a cross-border complex source showing you various aspects it. Together with reporters and outlets around the world what is current state of migration through this Migration Monitor.
Jakub Górnicki
18 July 2017


The number of asylum seekers and migrants deciding to set off for Europe has drastically declined. Two years ago, 1,049,400 people reached the European Union. In 2016, it lowered to 374,318. How does the way of asylum seekers look like today?
Jakub Górnicki
7 December 2016

Balkan route

According to official sources, 220,000 migrants reached Europe in October 2015. The majority of them used the Balkan Route to go deep into the continent. Sometimes It was faster to illegally get from Greece to Austria or Germany than do it legally.
Jakub Górnicki
11 January 2015

World 2014

The world 2014 is a review of the most important events that took place worldwide in the last 12 months - both positive and negative. All of them had a significant impact on the world we live in - the close and far parts of it. Check, what's on the list.
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